Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q : Can i install it in a Shared web hosting service?
A : No sir ,you need a VPS (Virtual private server) it’s prefer to get Ubuntu system.

Q : What kind of hosting is required to run this app? Does this app has admin panel?
A : You need a VPS to run this app ,and it has an admin panel.

Q : Is the app Multi language? Or how does that?
A : You can just modify the string.xml file under res/values folder.

Q : If we want to add more features would charges be applied?
A : It depends on what kind of features you want .

Q : Can install this in a root? or only work in a sub-directory?
A : You can install it on the root or sub-directory but if you install it on the sub-directory take care and make sure if the rewrite mode is enabled and settings up the .htaccess .

Q : You can disable the confirmation by SMS?
A : Yes you can but you will have a fake users .so you should to use SMS verification for this purpose. by enable it from the dashboard .

Q : What will happen if there is no internet connection while sending the message? How will these messages be sent once the internet connection is back?
A : The message saved on local database ,and once the recipient come online the message send to him .

Q : Can it be translated in to any languages?
A : You can translate to any language.

Q : The control panel is PHP and MySQL ?
A : Yes i use PHP and MySQL.

Q : When i try to verify my number this says: not found. Can help me?
A : You have to enable rewrite mode and settings up the .htaccess .

Q : Can u add voice / video call in this?
A : This is available now .

Q : Can you add for Admob integrations ?
A : Adomb feature is already exist.

Q : Which control panel do you use on your VPS?
A : I don’t have a control panel on my VPS . i bought it as an empty server and i setup all others tools.

Q : Is video / voice call used a third party?
A : There is no third party for voice/video calls

Q : I get “Can’t Connect The Server” when i start the installation of script ?
A : Change permissions of  “Config” folder to 777 .

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