What’s New?

This is where we show you all the amazing stuff that just arrived at our application. Stay up-to-date with all the latest features right here.

update 16/03/2017:

  1. Add crop Image.
  2. Fix images bugs
  3. User can change messages background using any image he want .
  4. Update libraries
  5. Fix Crash handler bug .
  6. Add a custom dialog “if the update is absolute “
  7. User can Invite friend by other apps (not just by sms)
  8. Some design improvements
  9. Add custom Fonts
  10. Add Links preview
  11. User can see the media on profile like in whatsapp (3 tabs Media-Documents-Links)
  12. Change image profile/group  (is realtime now)
  13. Fix conversations bugs
  14. Multi languages is now supported (French-English)
  15. User can block another user.
  16. Add new animations.
  17. Fix voice/video bugs
  18. Redesign Dashboard.
  19. Make Dashboard responsive.
  20. You can easily configure the server.js file from dashboard then you can run it on the terminal.
  21. Make socket.io more stable.

update 30/12/2016:

  1. Add video/voice call (no third party) everything is free and customizable .
  2. Fix some old bugs
  3. Some design improvements
  4. Update documentation (user can watch video on youtube instead of his/her laptop ) because my videos doesn’t work on some laptops .
  5. Fix some sockets issues.
  6. Implement permissions for android M.
  7. User can choose the ringtone for calls.
  8. Add “proguard.rules” to make application files more secure.
  9. Fix Image preview and image bugs.
  10. Fix realm bugs.
  11. Fix user status.
  12. Fix some calls bugs.

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